Sagging Jowls

by admin

sagging jowlsWhat’s the biggest telltale sign of your true age? Many say it’s sagging jowls. This unsightly saggy facial skin is only associated with one thing: being old.

The good news is sagging jowls are a condition you can correct. A face lift procedure is often considered the most effective treatment. Thanks to the invention of the non invasive face lift and the non surgical face lift, fixing them is now easier than ever.

Before we discuss treatment options, it’s probably a good idea to talk about what actually causes them. Many people feel like these things appear overnight. They feel like they woke up one morning and noticed just how prominent they are. However the truth is that these do not instantly form, but are rather the result of aging over the years.

What Causes Sagging Jowls?

Natural Aging: Just like wrinkles, this is inevitably just part of the aging process.

Genetics: How bad your jowls sag and at what age this happens largely has a lot to do with genetics. Your unique skin type, facial muscles, etc. play a key part in determining just how long that tissue will be held up before it falls.

Gravity: This certainly must have a lot to do with it. After all, there’s a reason they are sagging down  and not up. Unfortunately, this is another cause which we have no control over (unless you want to go live in outer space!)

Weight: Having some extra weight – permanently or occasionally – can be a big contributor to sagging jowls. When we have more mass, it causes the amount of skin and tissue to increase everywhere, including your jawline and neck. If you drop those pounds, you’re left with the excess tissue. If you keep those pounds on, you are still left with extra mass which weighs down the area and can cause it to sag. Unfortunately it’s a lose-lose either way, so the only way to correct it seems to be through the help of a face lift surgeon.

Personal Care: There are some companies that would like you to believe that their cream can solve any problem. The truth is there is no cream that can magically take away excess skin. So if you already have sagging jowls, don’t believe this hype. If you are trying to prevent them, I suppose a good skin regimen can’t hurt, but I highly doubt it would actually prevent them from occurring.

Treatment For Sagging Jowls?
As previously mentioned, thanks to modern science this is a condition you can do something about and treat!

Nowadays there are effective cosmetic face lift procedures you get get – some are invasive, but others are called nonsurgical face lifts because they involve little to no cutting, can be done in as little as 45 minutes, and for the most part require little to no downtime.