Exercises For Sagging Jowls

by admin

exercises for sagging jowlsOne of the questions I get asked the most is if there are exercises for sagging jowls. There’s no question that facial muscles are vital for our appearance. They hold up our skin and tissue and without them, sagging is more likely. One secret to help prevent this sagging is with routine face exercise, ideally with the help of a facial exerciser.

Just like most muscles, it’s best to keep them in shape regularly, rather than waiting until they become a problem to do something about them. It is said that there are approximately 33 different facial muscles alone! Let’s take a look at how many are on each part of the face:

Mouth: 12
Chewing: 8
Eyes: 6
Nose: 4
Eyelids/brows: 3

That’s a lot of different parts you need to keep working in tip top shape! With so many different ones, you can guess why they’re so important as an internal support structure to hold things together on our face. This is why so many people are turning to exercises for sagging jowls.

Primary Muscles Affecting Sagging Jowls
First of all I would like to say I’m not doctor, so please don’t interpret anything I say as advice. However, as a hobby over the years, I have studied these parts extensively. This was not only due to aging, but also a terrible accident I was in which required reconstruction of one side of my face. So I do have a lot of experience dealing with these body parts to say the least!

Here’s a few of the main culprits I suspect when it comes to this pesky problem:

Plytisma: This is a thin layer of muscle at the front of the neck, right around where your chin and neck intersect.

Sternomastoid: This is a very big one that runs from behind your ear all the way down to the bottom of your neck. This is definitely a key support structure.

Masseter: When you “flex” your jaw, this is what you see. This one is not only important for chewing, but also supporting and holding up the tissue in this area. On some people, typically those of Asian descent, these can be especially big. This is definitely not a bad thing but for some it causes pain and problems in the area when eating. Interesting enough though, many from this ethnicity are known for their beautiful aging process; not developing wrinkles and sagging jowls. Could this be because they’re more likely to have a masseter which is in excellent shape that helps hold the jowls up?

Using a Face Exerciser
So you can see why it makes sense to keep this area in prime shape. Many people are starting to realize that sagging jowls exercises may help. It’s not a fix for everyone but many do experience an improvement. There are many thing you can do without using a facial exerciser device, but I recommend you at least consider it. They don’t cost much at all (around $20) and make the process very easy.