Jowl Surgery

by admin

jowl-surgeryAre you considering jowl surgery? Well if you suffer from sagging jowls, that’s basically the only way you can fix them. But how much do you really know about this surgery? Here are five valuable pieces of information you need to know about:

1. It’s unlikely jowls will go away without surgery
Many cosmetic problems can be improved through some simply healthy living. Unfortunately, sagging jowls aren’t one of them. If you are significantly overweight than shedding the pounds can help, but beyond that, there’s not a whole lot you can do. This is because the skin and underlying tissue has fallen… it won’t just lift itself back up on its own. This is why jowl surgery is so far the only effective way to correct it.

2. Topical products will have little to no effect on your current jowls
The skin care industry is huge and they want you to buy their products. Make no mistake about it, using the right skin regimen is important; it may help slow down the formation of jowls. However, once you already have them, it’s extremely unlikely that any topical cream is going to reverse them. Like we said, the skin won’t magically lift itself back up, only sagging jowl surgery will do that.

3. It’s unlikely you’re at fault for getting jowls in the first place
There are definitely things we do in our lives that can contribute to jowls, wrinkles, etc (such as bad skincare, unhealthy living, etc.). But a big factor is hereditary. That’s why some health nuts still get them early on, while some others can get away with reckless lives and still avoid them for years.

4. Sagging jowls are one of the most important age signs to address
When it comes to our appearances, all to often people lose site of what’s most important. This is why some women end up looking like a plastic surgery nightmare – they don’t have their priorities straight. With cosmetic surgery, less is more. If you want a natural appearance for your age, sagging jowl surgery is a very natural way to look years younger, yet without looking different. It simply makes you look refresh; like you lost weight and are taking better care of yourself.

5. Sagging jowl surgery is easier than ever
Just a decade or two ago, face lift surgery was a crapshoot; it may turn out good, it may not. Either way, the downtime and costs were outrageous. However, now we are experiencing the future of medicine. There are new, advanced non surgical face lifts – like the feather face lift and threading face lift – which are minimally invasive and low cost, yet still extremely effective.