Sagging Cheeks

by admin

squeeze skin near eyeQ: What causes sagging cheeks and what can be done to improve them?

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A: Saggy cheeks are a sign of aging which usually goes hand-in-hand with sagging jowls. Let’s talk about why this is and what types of treatment options you have.

What causes sagging cheeks?
In today’s world, we have found all types of ways to escape the forces of mother nature. However there’s one force which is impossible to avoid and that is gravity. Gravity pulls everything down. Just like when Newton dropped the apple and it fell to the ground, the same thing is happening to your face whether you realize it or not. While it’s true we have muscles and ligaments to help hold us up, they can only work for so long. Eventually the effects of gravity start to show… sagging cheeks are one example.

While gravity is something that affects us all, there are also things which can contribute to and accelerate the sagging of skin and tissue. Genetics plays a big part in determining how soon your cheeks will start sagging. Other factors include lifestyle choices – unhealthy choices can also lead to cosmetic consequences too.

How to tighten sagging cheeks?
Not too long ago in history there wasn’t anything that could be done to improve sagging cheeks. However thanks to the advancements in cosmetic surgery and skincare over the past few decades, there are now ways to improve or correct saggy cheeks.

Cheek Implants: When done properly, cheek augmentation can be an excellent way to prop up the loose and sagging tissue. The other added benefit is that it can make a person look much more youthful. This is because when we’re younger, we have much fuller cheeks, so by restoring that lost tissue you are giving yourself a more youthful appearance.

With cheek implant surgery “less is more” and that’s why it’s recommended you go with the smallest size implants. Anything larger and it may not look natural. Also make sure you go with a board certified plastic surgeon whom is highly experienced performing cheek augmentation.

Face Lifts: This is another great option to rejuvenate your sagging cheeks. It involves pulling the excess slack out of the skin. For the most natural results, it should be done in combination with cheek implants or with an injectable filler procedure (such as Restylane or Juvederm) to restore the lost volume in the cheeks due to aging. A couple decades ago, face lift surgery was a very intense operation that involved lengthy recovery. However today, there are non invasive face lift options which make the process so much simpler.