Sagging Jawline

by admin

sagging jawlineThe jawline is what separates our face from our neck. When these two body parts start to merge… it’s not a pretty picture!

A sagging jawline is usually caused by excess skin; often a cosmetic facelift is the only way to remove it. The last few years, non-invasive approaches to do this have been pioneered, like the thread lift and feather face lift.

The treatment method that’s right for you will depending on a number of different things, including your age. For most of us, this problem starts in our forties, but many experience it long before that. I have a good friend that had a sagging jawline by the age of 30, so it can strike a lot sooner – or if you’re lucky – later on.

Is Your Bone Structure At Fault?
There are many different reasons – from genetics to muscles – that cause the jawline to sag. The shape of your jawline bone has a lot to do with it to. On some people the jawbone protrudes out more than it does on others. This helps to prop up the tissue.

Is this the only cause? Definitely not. As mentioned, there are other causes and to be honest, they affect everyone differently. But the shape and size of the jawline’s underlying bone may have something to do with your problem.

What can be done to improve your sagging jawline?
There are numerous remedies out there which are touted to help with this problem. Some people say that a face exerciser – which strengthens the muscles around the face and neck – can help. Many benefit from the liposuction double chin procedure, which removes excess fat from around the jaw line. Meanwhile many prefer a surgery face lift because they say it is most likely to give them the results they want. Whatever the case, it’s important to have realistic expectations.