Treatment For Sagging Jowls

by admin

treatment for sagging jowlsWhen it comes to the jawline, both men and women are held to high standards. For women, a beautifully defined jaw is the ultimate standard. For men, a defined jaw equals being chiseled.

But for most of us, this problem just bothers us because we don’t look like what we did in the past. So what’s the treatment for sagging jowls? Let’s take a look at the options…

Feather Face Lift: The great part about this is that it is an in-office procedure that can reportedly be done in as little as thirty minutes. It involves the use of ultra thin micro threads that that are discreetly placed under the surface of the skin in strategic areas – like the hair line and behind the ears – to lift saggy skin.

Facial Toning Exercises: This is probably not a solution for extreme cases, but some have reported improvement with facial exercises to tighten up the area. It’s definitely an inexpensive treatment for sagging jowls since they don’t cost much. Being that there are dozens of different muscles on our head and neck, this seems logical to conclude that tightening them would help, just like we do with our bodies when something is sagging.

Chin Liposuction: In terms of intensity, this is probably in-between the two methods mentioned above. Basically it involves sucking out the excess fat in this area. Like any treatment, everyone is going to have different results, but some people have had desired results with liposuction under chin for improving sagging jowls. The cost is usually relatively reasonable, too.

Face and Neck Lift: As the name implies, this involves lifting both the face and neck at the same time. This offers a number of benefits – it saves money you by getting both done at once and it is probably the most effective way to solve the problem. The great part is it is completely customizable too – for example, instead of doing the full face, you can just do a mid face lift and neck lift.

Which method is right for you? The only way to know is to speak with a qualified doctor. I do not have a medical background so I’m not in a position to give advice.