What Causes Jowls?

by admin

jowl-surgeryQ: Can you tell me what causes jowls and how do I get rid of them?

A: Sagging jowls are one of, if not the most, embarrassing signs of aging. While wrinkles to some degree on the face can be expected on all of us, not everyone develops jowls that sag (or if they do, it’s not until their 80’s and 90’s). For example, each side of my family is a perfect example of this. My 81 year old grandmother on one side has an amazing face and she’s never even contemplated plastic surgery – she’s just a simple Midwestern woman. Meanwhile on the other side of my family, my grandfather has developed them starting in his sixties. But what causes sagging jowls? Let’s find out why some people develop them but others do not…

So what causes jowls?
Well first up on the list would be your genes. Regardless of what some skin care products would like you to believe, the bottom line is some of us are luckier than others when it comes to the aging process. So a large part of it you can’t control. Plus, no matter how good your genes are, no one is immune from the effects of gravity.

However, there are a number of contributors which you can directly control. For example, weight fluctuations are never good – they expand and contract the skin and tissue, leaving us with excess sagging areas. Things like poor nutrition, not staying hydrated, smoking, and other behaviors can all accelerate the aging process.

But going back to talking about skin care products… the bottom like is once you have sagging jowls, it’s unlikely that a topic product will improve them that much. However if you want to help prevent them (or prevent them from worsening) it is imperative that you use a top rated anti aging cream. Why? Because they help moisturize the skin in the area and incorporate proven anti aging ingredients.

What can be done to get rid of jowls?
So now that you know what causes jowls, it’s time to talk about ways you can get rid of them. In a nutshell, the only way is probably through surgery. However that’s not as bad as it sounds; today you can get a non invasive face lift that is a quick and easy process – the surgeon will pull up the jowls back to their natural position. So whether your jowls were caused by genetics or your lifestyle, it’s not a problem you have to live with.